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          company culture

          Corporate Vision: Steel building dreams.Prefab to win the future.

          Corporate mission: Create value for customers, realize employees' self-value,take social responsibility, realize the enterprise value.

          Business philosophy: Be skillfull from professionalism,act carefully,achieved by efforts,keep in persistence.

          Create the best products and services based on talents and technology.

          Entrepreneurship: Honesty, dedication, and quality.

          Management objectives: High quality, practical, clear responsibilities,clear targets and orderly coordinated.

          Action policy:

          "Enterprising spirit"?

          Lead the times and transcend the times with an progressive spirit.?

          "Respect each other"?

          Respect the personality and ideas of others, and fully demonstrate the individual talents of employees.

          "Gather together"

          Gather together to pursue a common target.

          "Meet customers' need"

          To meet customer quality and service need is the top priority.

          Zhangzhou Zhongchengtou Construction Technology Co., Ltd.


          Zhangzhou Zhongchengtou Construction Technology Co., Ltd.

           Company website

          CONTACT US

          Welcome to contact us


          Contact us:0086-0596-7266809

          Phone:0086-18959636713(Mr.Wu) 0086-18959637156(Mr.Qiu)

          Add:No.111 Jiulong Avenue, Economic Development Zone, Hua'an County, Zhangzhou City,Fujian,China

          Zhangzhou Zhongchengtou Construction Technology Co., Ltd.          備案號: 閩ICP備2020021746號-1