Monday, June 18, 2012

Hack and Slash

I'm pretty excited to share the news that Steve and I are writing issue #19 of Hack/Slash, out in August. Actually, I'm really excited. I started off as a fan of Hack/Slash many years ago. As a passionate devotee of all things horror, I've always thought Hack/Slash is a cut above the rest, in any medium--it's smart, clever, original, and fun. When Steve and I got the opportunity to contribute to Hack/Slash with a backup story (Hoax Hunters), it was a unique honor. Now, to actually inhabit the universe Tim has so meticulously and intelligently created over the years, is kind of a dream.

Out issue is titled "Hack/Slash/Repeat; tt's a stand-alone story that, really, is pretty damn dark. Steve and I wanted to strip down the essential components of what we think makes Hack/Slash tick and isolate/enhance those qualities. The end product is a minimalist story that we're pretty happy with.

The art is being handled by the tremendously talented Emilio Laiso. His work thus far on the issue has been amazing--he's nailing the atmosphere Steve and I worked very hard to create in the script.

Included here are the two covers for the issue, one by Emilio (above) and the other by Tim (below). Both really highlight the darkness this issue brings. I believe it is on sale August 29, so please be sure to pick it up!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

USA Today Features Hoax Hunters!

Steve and I had the good fortune to be featured in USA Today, thanks to staff writer Brian Truitt. The article really highlights the book's strengths, and explores some depths on Steve and my process behind the book, as well as our thematic objectives. Read the full article, which includes an exclusive nine-page preview.

Also, since you're here, check out the cover for Hoax Hunters #2, courtesy of the highly talented Tristan Jones! Tristan really had fun with the famous Bigfoot photo, incorporating Murder in ol' Sasquatch's place. Issue #2 will be on sale August 8.