Monday, March 26, 2012

Omega Family!

In addition to Hoax Hunters, Steve and I have been hard at work at a couple other projects. One of which is The Omega Family, a short that will be published with Double Feature in April. What's got us excited about this project--elated, in fact--is to be working with Tom Scioli. Steve and I have admired his work for a long, long time; we share a deep love for the awesomeness that is Godland, UnMortals, and American Barbarian. If I had a list of the top things I'd like to accomplish while working in comics, collaborating with Tom would be one of them. So, check!

As for The Omega Family, the story is intended to be a fun, action-packed, weird romp in the vein of Space Family Robinson by way of Jack Kirby. Steve and I had a blast writing it, and Tom's art has made this story work in a way no other artist could. Look for it next month!


johnlindwall said...

I am really excited about this! I cannot get enough of Tom Sviloi!

Michael Moreci said...

Thanks! Yeah, I'm pretty pumped. Tom's the best--the completed comic is going to be super fun.