Monday, July 18, 2011

San Diego Comic Con Schedule

Well, I've bribed friends, cashed in favors, and did other things that needn't be mentioned all to get two--yes, two!--preview books ready for SDCC.

I'm heading into San Diego on Thursday and will be there until Sunday afternoon. In that time, I'll be signing at the Viper and Image booths while trying to maintain my sanity amidst the mania that is SDCC.

With Viper, I'll be giving away a preview of Reincar(Nate), which is set to release later this year/early 2012. The preview will contain the first 13 pages of the book, which works as a great intro to the eventual four-issue (and hopefully longer) series. You can find me at Viper's booth (#1903) on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 200-300.

On Sunday, I'll be sitting in for Tim Seeley (yes, I'm his backup in real life as well) at the Hack/Slash table, giving away copies of Hoax Hunters, from 1030-130. This is a SDCC exclusive, sporting an absolutely amazing cover from Steve Seeley (seen above) as well as the first six parts of the story. The booklet also contains a preview of a project Steve and I have kept under wraps for quite some time now.

Both the Reincar(Nate) and Hoax Hunters are limited to 75 copies, so be sure to get yours while you can. And, if for some reason you can't make it to see me at those times, you can twitter me @michaelmoreci, and I can do my best to get copies to you!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Why I'm Super Excited About Reincar(Nate)

I showed this page in inks last week--here's Chris Beckett's amazing colors, added in. And this just scratches the surface of how great these pages look.

Reincar(Nate), a supernatural noir thriller, will be released from Viper Comics later this year. Sometime in the next week, I'll post another preview along with information on how you can pick up a sampler from me at the San Diego Comic Con!