Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What the Critics Are Saying

Tomorrow, Quarantined hits the shelves (the shelves of everyone who pre-ordered it, that is). I've gone on about the book, so I'll step aside and let critics do the talking:

Ain't It Cool News says Quarantined is "a well-constructed creepshow with just the right pacing."

The Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse gives the book a "solid B."

Comic Attack calls it "another plus in the horror category and zombie genre!"

Sci-Fi Pulse says Quarantined delivers "high-octane horror that doesn’t lose sight of either character or plot"

Gapers Block says the book "satisfies viscerally but also, largely, intellectually" and that it's a "fine first effort" that "seems sure to garner a sequel."

From the Tomb gives it 4.0 of 5.0 stars.

Zombie Zone News says it "attempts to be much deeper on many levels than most stories of this type, and overall does a good job of it."

Again, the book officially releases through Diamond tomorrow (and I'll be signing at Third Coast Comics to mark the occasion), and while I'm excited for it to be out, I'm struggling to reconcile with the difficulties of the direct market system. I'm sure everyone has their beefs, and we all know the DM can be a flawed means of distribution. My difficulty is that our chances for re-order through Diamond are pretty slim--and that's a shame, because a lot of the praise the book has received has been after our window in Previews. To that end, I'll say this:

If you're a retailer that didn't pre-order the book but would like to still stock a few copies, contact me at michael.moreci at gmail.com. Depending on location and scheduling, I'd even be willing to come out and help support. If you're a reader and can't get your hands on a copy, contact me at the same address--if need be, I'll ship you a copy myself. Sound good?

Thanks again to everyone who has supported our work--we wouldn't be here without you!