Wednesday, April 27, 2011

2011 Schedule

I think I've pretty much hammered out where I'll be this year, at least until the fall (though some things may be added, specifically San Diego--plane tickets are expensive right now!).

Here's my schedule thus far:

May 7: Free Comic Book Day--G-Mart, 11-1; Comic Vault, 130-4

May 13: Horrorbles, 7-10

May 25: Third Coast Comics, 4-7

June 8: Challengers Comics, 5-7

June 18: Summit City Comic Con

June 25-26: Cherry Capital Con

July 9: Westfield Comics, 12-4

July 21-24: San Diego Comic Con, signing details to come

September 24-25: Detroit Fanfare

October 8: Kokomo Con

Monday, April 11, 2011

Quarantined Launch Party!

It finally happened--Quarantined was actually released. After the blood and sweat Monty, Lauren, Jim, and I put into producing the book, not to mention the storm we had to weather in the process, holding the actual book in my hands was a pretty gratifying moment. But now the book is out there; people have it in their possession. It's a great feeling, I can say that.

The event itself couldn't have been more of a success. The Comic Vault completely sold out of their stock--not a single copy of the 160-page, full color graphic novel remains. In fact, Monty and I had to turn over some of our own copies so no one was turned away without copy. And this is coming off last week's news that our Diamond pre-sale numbers more than doubled what Markosia had expected. Quarantined, suffice to say, is off to a roaring start.

That all being said, the main purpose of this post is to express my thanks to everyone who has supported the book so far--fans, retailers, podcast hosts, comic reviewers, everyone. Thanks to Matt Sardo and the Comic Vault for hosting the event and for supporting all my efforts over the years. Matt runs a great shop, and does so much to support local creators (as many Chicago shop owners do--we Chicago creators are truly a privileged bunch). And everyone who came out to the signing and now has a book, I sincerely hope you enjoy reading it; I can't say how much the entire Quarantined team appreciates your getting behind our book and making it a success.

While this start is great, it's only the beginning. The official Quarantined release through Diamond is May 26. I'll be signing at local Chicago comics to support the book and will be at various cons throughout the year, Quarantined in tow. Regardless of where you live, there are plenty of opprtunities to get the book: Quarantined is available on,,, Westfield Comics, and through Markosia direct. There's also the digital release, which is soon to come.

Thanks to everyone again. Maybe Monty and I will even get to addressing some of those rumors that started this past weekend about Quarantined 2...

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hoax Hunters, Part Three

The most efficient creative team in comics strikes again--granted, there's four of us churning out two pages a month, but the point is that we never miss a deadline!

Two weeks from today, Hoax Hunters Part Three hits the shelves in the pages of Hack/Slash. This is a transition episode, to a degree--the objective in these pages was to put all the pieces in place for what's to come. And what's to come, I can confidently say, is pretty awesome. May's installment is probably my favorite so far (not to taking anything away from April's story, of course). As usual, JM's art and storytelling are absolutely perfect--I couldn't see anyone else working on these characters; JM has made them all his own in such a short amount of time. His pencils for page 6 can be seen on the right side of the page.

Hoax Hunters has continued to get positive press and a following behind it, which is very exciting. Our hope, of course, is to continue building on what we've accomplished in this short time. There's still plenty of Hoax Hunters story to tell!

In my previous Hoax Hunters post, I previewed page two of Part One--here's page three (seen on the left), thus completing the entire first part. Part Two is on the shelves now, so be sure to check it out!

As a side note, if you haven't checked out Terminus, another collaboration from JM and I, you can see the first five pages right here!