Friday, November 18, 2011

Issue Zero Cover!

Backup no more--Hoax Hunters is (or, rather, soon will be) its very own comic, coming in 2012. Suffice to say, Steve and I are thrilled to be embarking further into the Hoax Hunters universe; we have plenty of stories in mind, and a lot of unexpected ground to cover. Expect a mix of sci-fi, horror, and drama, all rolled into one cohesive package.

But that's getting ahead of things. There is plenty of time to talk about what's to come--and a lot of announcements/news to share--but for right now, the focus is on Steve Seeley's cover to Hoax Hunters, issue zero.

Going into designing the cover, Steve and I both agreed that we wanted something that didn't look like your typical comic book cover. Not that there's anything wrong with traditional covers, but our ambition is to match the tone of Hoax Hunters itself, which is meant to be odd. We have a wish list, in fact, of artists we'd love to have contribute Hoax Hunters covers; some work in comics, others do not.

That all being said, Steve's cover, in my opinion, is fantastic (and for those who don't know, Steve is a gallery artist in addition to comic creator). The character of Murder was always meant to be this really strange being that is both heroic and tragic--not to mention him sharing the consciousness of crows, which is bizarre enough. He embodies what Steve and I want Hoax Hunters to be: odd, yet endearing in its own way.  And we wanted the cover to match that, to be recognizable as a comic cover (meaning it isn't too abstract), while still managing to be a little off. And that's exactly what Steve perfectly delivered.

There's more Hoax Hunters news to come, including the all-important Diamond order code, issue zero's exact release date, and more! There's still one more backup story to come--look for it in Hack/Slash #10, from Image Comics, later this month.


Harry said...

Great news Michael, congratulations to you both!

Michael Moreci said...

Thanks, Harry!