Monday, March 14, 2011

Hoax Hunters, Part Two

For those keeping score at home, there may be some confusion here--I had said Hack/Slash # 2 and, subsequently, Hoax Hunters Part 2, was releasing on March 9 (I even mistakenly put it in a press release). I was wrong. Hack/Slash releases this Wednesday, March 16. So please, be sure to pick up a copy!

I'd like to show a really enticing preview, but if I were to post the first lettered page...well, that's half the story. What I will post, instead, is a two-for-one exchange. Kind of. On the right is the first page of Hoax Hunters, Part 2, fully colored (I had posted the pencils a few weeks back). And below, on the left, is the second page of Part 1, lettered and all. So if you missed Hack/Slash #1, this can help you catch up.

Speaking of previews, you can read a five-page preview of Hack/Slash #2 right here.

As far as Hoax Hunters goes, things have been moving along nicely since the release of the first installment. Last month, I posted the positive press we received; since then, we've gotten some more great feedback, this time from Graphic Policy, who says, "give it it’s own damn comic," and "Three pages, that’s all this has to set it up and get you hooked, and I think it pulls it off." Pretty encouraging words, for sure. JM has received consistent praise for his art, which he rightly deserves. He's currently working on Part 4, an installment really throws the story into high-gear. So if you're like the story so far, trust me, it gets even better (if I can say so myself).

And, finally, we do have a Hoax Hunters facebook page--a page that refuses to let me send out invitations. Join up if you can!

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