Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Quarantined Release!

Sounds weird to say it, but Quarantined is actually, for real, being released. Hooray! Here's a list of the details I know so far, with plenty more to come.

Everything is kicking off with a weekend long mega-launch at the Comic Vault on April 8 and April 9. This will be the first opportunity for anyone, anywhere, to pick up a copy of the book. I'll be present to sign copies, talk about the book, and give away some pretty cool prizes. And if that wasn't enough, my wife Alissa will be on hand with a fresh batch of zombie pastries. So come for that, if nothing else. You can find all the relevant information by visiting the facebook event page, right here.

Around the same time, the book will be launching on the PSP, so you'll have an opportunity to buy it as a digital download through there, and on iTunes.

Then in May, Quarantined will be showcased at the Markosia booth at the Bristol Con, which runs the weekend of the 14th and 15th. So if you're a UK fan, there will be opportunity to purchase it there as well. In fact, it looks like Quarantined will be packaged with another Markosia release, Slaughterman's Creed, which is already garnering some significant pre-release buzz. That book is being produced by my good friends Cy Dethan, Stephen Downey, and Nic Wilkinson, so I highly recommend picking it up either way.

There will also be opportunities to order book directly through Markosia and at shops who are gracious enough to carry the book (that arm of things is still being worked out).

I'll be setting up more signing events in the coming weeks, as well as nailing down my con appearances for the year. Suffice it to say, things are bustling with Quarantined, which is great. If there's anyone out there interested in reviewing the book, please contact me directly.

And, finally, don't forget that I've posted the first 12 pages of the book, which you can view right here.

Thanks to everyone who has supported the book so far--we're really just beginning!