Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New Story Cometh

A story I wrote over the summer just got accepted for print publication in Needle, a noir magazine. I'm pretty excited and flattered--to be honest, I didn't think I'd get accepted. Looks like I fooled 'em good.

The story is titled 'Anonymity' and is, I'd say, a Hitchcock-ian noir story. I'm not sure when it'll be released, but I'll post details as I have them.

One day I'll have more time for prose...there's a novel in me somewhere.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Phoenix Has Landed

I won't regurgitate what I wrote over at the Sleepless Phoenix blog, so just go visit there instead!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Reincar(Nate) Character Designs

Last week, I posted a small intro on Reincar(Nate), one of my books currently in production. I gave a brief synopsis as well as a look at the first page of the book itself, illustrated by Keith Burns with colors by Chris Beckett and letters by Jim Campbell. I figured I'd follow that up with some more previews of the book, specifically the designs behind the three main characters (who, in a way, are one character).

The first and foremost is Nate. In some of my early talks with Keith, I described Nate like this (with some excess cut off):

"Nate McCoy is a private detective, though he doesn’t exactly fit the bill of your conventional P.I. He isn’t intimidating, he’s not much in a fight and is rarely a step ahead of anyone. But this doesn’t mean that Nate is inept, not at all. What Nate lacks in traditional P.I. ability he compensates for in a dedication to do his job and genuinely caring for his clients. As for appearance, Nate’s in his early 30s. He’s an average height, maybe around six feet tall, and fairly slim. His brown hair is usually unkempt and sticking out behind his ears; his clothes a bit disheveled (you can usually find Nate in a zip-up hooded sweatshirt and jeans), his expression affable."

Next is the first of two of Nate's past selves--Jameson. Briefly (omitting quite a few important plot points), Jameson is described as:

"Jameson is a Wild West lawman (or, at least he was when he was alive). Think Seth Bullock (of Deadwood, and real history). He's a large mustached man—though not too thick of a mustache, as it is in the Wild West tradition where it occupies the entire face. His dress, again, is in Wild West garb—long trench coat over a dusty suit (though no tie), a circular sheriff star badge pinned to his chest, a Stetson hat on his head, and a six-shooter holstered around his waist. He's a contemplative man, and it show show in his face--a sort of disillusionment. "

And, finally, we have the second incarnation, Alan.

"Alan is an account/hitman from the 1960s. He’s a cool, disaffected character—kind of Don Draper-esque. Because of his more modern existence, his appearance is closer to Nate’s than Jameson, though he still has his own unique look. For starters, his face is more taut and angular. He wears horn-rimmed glasses and a conservative mod suit, common to his era."

That's it for now--I'll have more previews soon.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Terminus Meta-Post

This blog post is essentially a post about a post. It's the Inception of blogging. Well, not really, but it is odd to be posting about a separate blog, also ran by me.

So, now. I started a brand new blog, a production journal for my graphic-novel-in progress, Terminus. I'm really excited not only about the production, but the book itself. You may recall, but way back when, Terminus was signed with Insomnia Publications. If you know the history of Insomnia then, suffice to say, that didn't go too well. In fact, in the year the book was under Insomnia's control, not a single page was produced. Nothing happened, literally. I had the good fortune to ink the deal about ten minutes before the company started to cannibalize its own flesh.

Since that time, I've wrangled the rights back and have performed two major rewrites. I've also partnered with a very talented artist in JM Ringuet, who illustrated Transhuman with Jonathan Hickman over at Image. I loved that book--my Hickman admiration runs deep--and everything about it. So when JM responded to my classified post on Digital Webbing, I had to pinch myself.

Now that the book is written and JM is on board, we're pushing ahead with the actual production, and the blog I started is just a way to give insight in the process and show what it's like to go from script to sequential page to publication. I always enjoy these kind of insights from other creators, so I figured I'd jump on the bandwagon and share my experiences. Plus, it's a way to see what Terminus is all about and check out the amazing work JM is doing--seriously, he's killing on his art, as you can see in the character design for Murdock, shown above.

I'll still post updates on Terminus on this site from time to time, but not in the depth that you'll find over on its own blog. So keep an eye out--I'm expecting big things from this book.

The direct link, by the way, is:

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Man, every time I look at my last blog post date, I realize how long I've gone between postings (and yes, I'm aware that like 90% of blog entries are about how long it's been since the previous entry). But, that doesn't mean I haven't been busy--just the opposite, in fact.

For starters, production on Quarantined has gotten very exciting, though I can't share those details as of yet. I also have a brand new project that is about to get underway; expect a post dedicated to just that in the next week or so. I'll say, for now, that the news is pretty substantial as far as I'm concerned. And rhymes with Sherminus.

I'm not writing just to write about what I can't discuss. I haven't mentioned it before, but since March of this year, Keith Burns and I have been teaming up to deliver a 4-issue series titled Reincar(Nate) which, if nothing else, has a pretty sweet title.

The synopsis for the series is thus:

"Nate McCoy is an ordinary P.I. with an extraordinary ability—he can see and converse with prior versions of himself, the people he reincarnated from. With the help of Jameson (a Wild West lawman) and Alan (a 1960s accountant-turned-hitman), Nate works to solve his latest case, the disappearance of Tatiana Kreschen, a young superstar bowler. When Tatiana’s coach is found dead, Nate sees all roads leading to El Panda, local crime figure and reigning bowling champion—and the man Nate believes is responsible for his father’s murder. In his pursuit of El Panda, an unknown sniper guns down Nate, blasting a bullet straight to his head. Nate dies, briefly; when he comes to, he finds Jameson and Alan waiting. Together, they pursue the whereabouts of Tatiana and work to uncover who tried to deliver Nate “the big sleep.” All the while, Nate is forced to consider the grip the past has on him—a grip that also led to the downfall of his past selves."

Both Keith and I have been sidetracked from time to time with other work, vacations, personal matters, etc. but that doesn't mean we aren't committed to the process. In fact, just recently, I received some fully colored pages from my collaborator friend, the mega-talented Chris Beckett. Chris has absolutely been killing with the color on this book, as evidenced on the sample page above. I look at the art, the combo of Keith and Chris, and realize I'm one lucky f-ing guy. Chris will be attending the NY Comic Con this coming weekend and will have sample pages with him. Best of luck to him--hopefully he gets the praise, jobs, and $$$ he very much deserves.

More news and sample art to come soon!