Saturday, July 17, 2010

Issue One Script

I've oftentimes been asked about the process of writing comics, and there certainly is a lot to say about the topic, from habits to craft to method.

Personally, I approach writing, in terms of craft, in different ways. Sometimes there's an image that drives a page; sometimes it's the dialogue. The point is that there's always something central to a page's construction, the nucleus around which everything centers.

For instance, in this first issue of Quarantined, I had two main goals in the first few pages. The first was to quickly get into the thick of the plot/action. I wanted to dive you right in and have our characters already in the thick of things. I understood that the truth is this: if you're reading Quarantined, odds are, you've seen similar movies or read similar comics. The zombie/monster apocalypse/takeover. And the setups are all generally the same; a bunch of characters leading their everyday lives, maybe some are having marital issues, some young teenagers in love, etc., then wham! Vampires show up. Or a weird mist. What I wanted to do was skip all of that. Plus, the purpose of the book is to explore how people react in times of crisis, what happens when the facade of society, law, and order are done away with. Basically, who cares what their lives were like beforehand? If it isn't relevant to the themes, its extraneous.

Second, I wanted to dramatically introduce the infected and quickly show the threat they posed, their strength, and their visual look. It's important to establish that early, to know exactly what we're dealing with. Unlike other similar works, I didn't want my characters too concerned with what the infected were, exactly, and get too deep into your basic survivalism scenario.

And that's how I approached those first few pages. And now, you can see them for yourself by following this link here. This is the word document I wrote that is the final script, the one Monty worked off of. Also, you can see the completed issue over on myebook and compare the written page to the illustrated one.

Now, I can go on about craft and my thoughts on comics writing. In fact, if you have any questions, post them in the forum! I'd love to interact and discuss, well, anything.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Zombie Con!

Well, that pretty much says everything you need to know. I'll be appearing at the Comic Vault along with Tim Seeley, this Saturday, from 11-1. We'll be talking zombies, horror, comics, all of life's essentials. Stop by if you can!

Also, big thanks for Mr. Decapitated Dan Royer for making this flier!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Reading With Pictures Anthology

After a successful Kickstarter campaign where we raised nearly $15,000 (well above our $10,000 target), the Reading With Pictures anthology has a release date, and a Diamond order code.

The anthology itself features a cover by Jill Thompson and short, educational-themed stories by Jeffrey Brown, Josh Elder, Fred Van Lente, and myself. It will be released on Wednesday, August 4th, so tell your local comic shop to get it in stock (order code Jun10 1096). And remember, all proceeds go to funding Reading With Pictures future projects.

I've shown some previews of my own contribution, "The Replacement Heroes In: Civic Service!" but here's one more (above)--now with letters from the amazing Jim Campbell! Enjoy page one, and if you're in Chicago, try to come out and for one of RWP's release events. Anthology contributors (including myself) will be signing at Challengers on Saturday, August 7 and Third Coast Comics on Saturday, August 28.


Thursday, July 1, 2010

New Preview Page

The Insomnia Red Eye blog just previewed a brand new page from Quarantined, this one from issue 2. It's this one, page 30 in the book:

Drop by the site to see a host of preview pages from Insomnia's upcoming titles.

There will be more previews soon, including cover art. And we'll also announce the mega-talented writer/artist who is writing the introduction to Quarantined.

It's a big deal!