Saturday, January 23, 2010

Why Not Some Quarantine?

Exactly. Why not? There hasn't been much news to post regarding Quarantine in the past few weeks, but that doesn't mean we're not hard at work (okay, Monty, Lauren, and Jim are hard at work--I may or may not be making a few small edits in the later issues). All that aside, here's a look at page 10, unlettered. I especially love the flames reflected in Henry's glasses.

That's that for now. I'll have some more soon, including news regarding my first ever guest appearance at a comic convention--the Comic Vault's Winter Con! More on that soon.

Until then, I'll be doing some research on Lab 257...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2010, Reading With Pictures

So, it's 2010. Been awhile since I've posted anything here even though quite a few things have been going on. I can't say too much about Quarantine and spoil what's to come, but I can say that, once one piece falls into place, there's going to be a spike in goodies that I'll be able to share. Terminus is also still kicking, though production on that is still a bit of a way off.

In the meantime, I'm happy to share the first set of thumbnails from Andy and my brand-spanking new Butch Stone story. That's right: all new! Okay, so the first story (which will appear in FutureQuake in the fall) isn't done yet, but the stars aligned and an opportunity arose for Andy and I to continue the adventures of our favorite replacement superhero.

The story in question, titled "Butch Stone in: Civic Service!", will appear in the forthcoming Reading With Pictures anthology (and if you haven't checked out what RWP is all about, please do so--they are a great, innovative organization). I'm thrilled--and pretty blown away--to have my work appear alongside so many talented creators (including favorites of mine Jill Thompson and Fred Van Lente). Hopefully my story stacks up.

That's about it for today, this first post of 2010.

(Oh, and those who are counting along: Less than 3 more weeks until Lost. The final season of Lost, whose departure is going to tear a hole in my life. I guess I'll still have...Flashforward? That show with LL Cool J? Man, TV is gonna blow.)