Monday, September 27, 2010

I'm Going Places

No, really, I am. In October, I'll have 2 signings and may be attending the New York Comic Con (though just as a fan and to bowl people over with my latest work). On October 16th I'll be appearing at the Comic Vault's anniversary bash alongside Mike Norton, Tom Stillwell, Brian Crowley, all those familiar guys. Then, over Halloween weekend, I'll be splitting an artist alley space with Onrie Kompan (or Mr. Kompan, as he is these days) at the Detroit Fanfare. I'll have the Reading With Pictures anthology at both, as well as The Sleepless Phoenix anthology--maybe. SP will definitely be at Detroit with me. It's a race to the printers to see if it'll be ready for the Comic Vault appearance. Anyway, I'll be a busy comics-writing-guy this month, which is a good thing. I'll also be writing more as well, maybe even getting some projects off the ground and into the hands of publishers. So a pretty exciting few weeks ahead!


Amber Guffey said...

It was nice meeting you at Detroit Fanfare. Your art rocks!

Michael Moreci said...

Thanks Amber! Monty does rule.