Friday, February 19, 2010

Inside Cover Art, Winter Con

I am now in possession of a box of Quarantine, Issue 1. I'm not going to give a speech (no one asked, and I didn't win anything), but I do need to say thanks to both Charles D. Moisant (of Silver Phoenix Entertainment) who did an excellent job printing this batch, and to Jen Torche, who created four brilliant covers. In fact, the above image is of the inside front cover. It's a great example not only of Jen's skill, but her creativity as well. All I basically gave her was the credits and a vague idea of what I wanted. She ran with the rest. The background text is what really rules--Jen actually found news text from real quarantines and used that as the art. She then placed a strikethrough over the text giving it an authentically chilling feel. Look close and you'll see words like "gunpoint," "public health authority," "being infected," and "vaccines."

If you'd like your own copy--for free!--don't forget that I'll be a guest at The Comic Vault's Winter Con this Sunday, from 2-4pm. I'll be seated with Onrie Kompan (Yi Soon Shin) and Kristen Koerner Simon (The Little Blue Spruce).

As for Quarantine itself, things are rolling along. Monty is gearing up to begin art on Issue 5 and Lauren is coloring Issue 3. I'd love to be able to share more, but I can't right now. Would it be enough to say that the book is looking totally amazing? (And that pat on the back goes to the art team, not me). I will have more updates soon, as well as a pretty fantastic contest.


Sammy Kanan said...

Congrats bud - be sure to save a copy for me!

Michael Moreci said...

Will do Sammy!