Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Huffington Post Piece

On Daley, economic meltdown, and general city malfeasance.

Check it out, if you're into those kinds of things (in an oppositional way).

Monday, October 26, 2009

'The Return' Page 5

Miss page 4? Not to worry! You can find it right here, over at Gino's blog.


Monday, October 19, 2009

'The Return' Page 3

Page 3 of Gino's and my space drama/Mayan apocalypse short. Miss page two? Check Gino's blog, right here.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mega News (Seriously)

Insomnia On Demand: Catch the RedEye on PSP™ (PlayStation®Portable)

In the blackest hours before dawn, when all good comic readers were tucked up in bed, the Insomniacs crawled into their dreams.

What were they whispering into the darkness? What did they wish for, lost in the sleep of the innocent?

No less than:

  • To be able read Insomnia comics anywhere, at any time
  • Take their entire comics collections wherever they went
  • To listen to their own music while reading
  • To navigate pages their own way
  • To find and buy comics easily and access content instantly from the PlayStation®Store

All this will be on offer for PSP owners in December 2009, with the opening of the Digital Comics Store on the PlayStation®Network.

Red Eyed and bushy tailed, Insomnia Publications will be standing proud on launch day as our critically acclaimed books take their place on the virtual shelves, next to world famous names in comic book publishing.

Insomnia Publications’ graphic novels will be presented in the store as single-issue length chapters, following the publication of the book. The first chapter of every book will be offered free to readers as a “taster” of the story.

Crawford Coutts, Managing Director of Insomnia Publications, says:

“We are incredibly excited to be partnering with Sony in the launch of the Digital Comics Service.

Insomnia is committed to nurturing the very best new art, new writing and new concepts in its original graphic novels and the unprecedented scope of this Comics Store will connect independent publishers and readers around the globe.

The help and guidance we have received from Sony throughout truly demonstrates their commitment to support the medium, the publishers, the readers and the comics industry itself.

Many of our creators are gamers themselves and so were delighted to hear that their work will be offered through PlayStation Network.”

With the first Insomnia titles available right from the December launch, you will be able to:

With a growing range of titles to choose from and the phenomenal scope of the Digital Comics Store, this is just the beginning..


  1. The Comics Store will launch on the PlayStation Network for PSP in December 2009
  2. Official Sony Press Release

  3. For further information, interviews and comments please contact Crawford Coutts, MD, at info@insomniapublications.com
  4. Insomnia Publications can be found online at:

Monday, October 12, 2009

'The Return' - a Web Comic

Over the summer, Cold Blooded Chillers--an award-winning publication from Robert Heske--ran an open submission contest for its latest anthology: 2012. The challenge was for creative teams to come up with a short comic based on the 2012 'end of the world' mythology.

What I came up with kind of veered from CBC's guidelines. Still, I dug the story and figured I'd give it a shot (I'd recently seen Danny Boyle's Sunshine, and was influenced by that). I got in contact with my artist friend Gino Collins, who was gracious enough to take on the script (a script I hadn't even fully written) on short, short notice. The end result is what you'll see here, a short called 'The Return.'

Gino and I earned an Honorable Mention for the strip, but not publication (though Monty Borror, Quarantine artist, will be featured in the anthology). Both of us liked the story, and rather than allow our completed work to languish in a drawer--or hard drive, rather--we decided to use the power of the internet and get the story out there.

So here's the deal: Gino and I are both posting this first page (of eight) on our sites. Every Friday, Gino will post even numbered pages; every Monday, I'll post the odd pages. As mentioned above, the story is eight pages long. So in four weeks, we'll have posted the complete comic--and for free no less!

Hope you enjoy.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Letters, Words, Sentences

Here it is--page one, all lettered up. Jim Campbell worked his magic in an incredibly short span of time; last week was the big UK comic con at Birmingham (BICS), and Lauren Anne Sharp was on hand, doing some Quarantine promotion. She and Jim managed to get the first three pages colored, lettered, and ready for preview at the show.

So now, the comic is no longer silent. Three pages down. One hundred and forty nine to go.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Quarantine in the News!

Okay, Lauren Anne Sharp is in the news, but in the piece discussing her work over at Comic Bits, Quarantine is included. There's a nice posting of page one from the book, and a mention of Lauren as being "an artist to keep an eye on." Needless to say, I agree--Lauren is a terrific colorist and artist, and deserves all the praise she gets.

Check out the piece here.

And check back here in the coming days (Monday, specifically). There are a few things brewing that I'm just about ready to announce/post/facebook...whatever the kids are doing these days.