Friday, December 4, 2009


I really dig seeing thumbnails sketches, especially with short comics. Seeing the rough art and the page layout really gets my mind thinking. This was especially the case with Butch Stone. After Andy sent me these thumbnails I went in and made a lot of changes--mainly to the dialogue. Seeing the fun Andy was having with the art made me loosen up the story and add a touch of zaniness. A few non-sequiturs later, the script--and the characters--became all the more lively.

Anyway, here's the thumbnails for the first two pages (the story is eight pages in total). I've since written another Butch adventure that Andy and I are working on, and we have a pitch in for yet another story with what is for now an undisclosed anthology. So basically, these sketches from Andy--and our continuous email conversations on Silver Age comics and the life of working in a restaurant--has potentially spawned a short series. We'll have to wait to see what happens.

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