Monday, December 21, 2009

New Quarantine Preview Page

Here's a holiday treat: a new preview page of Quarantine, courtesy of the Insomnia blog.

Over at The Red Eye, every Insomnia book currently in production has a preview page up--I highly recommend checking it out. Personally, it gave me two 'holy crap' moments. The first was over the amazement on how many books Insomnia has in production (I counted 23). The second was over how terrific they all look (no kidding here--I'm not just jockeying for my publisher). There's Babble, which has the very cool high-concept foundation which I very much enjoy; Cy Dethan has Ragged Man, and I'm up for whatever ideas he puts to paper. There's Kronos City, featuring the work of none other than Quarantine colorist Lauren Anne Sharp and art from 'Wolf Like Me' collaborator Alex Willmore. Butterflies and Moths looks beautiful...I can go on. It's best to check it out for yourself.

Happy holidays everyone! Health and happiness and all that. More in the New Year!

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carTUNEist said...

Hey kiddo, your uncle Ron thinks you're a genius. Keep up the GREAT work