Thursday, June 25, 2009

Superheroes + Anarchy

Oh yeah.

As some of you already know, this Sunday I'll be speaking on a panel at the annual Think Galacticon. I can't wait. Basically, it's about the nature of superheroes in relation to the real world: vigilantism, global politics, etc. What happens when heroes govern themselves? What do you make of a character like Captain America--does he represent freedom and justice, or violent imperialism? We'll be talking about Cap, Wolverine, Warren Ellis's The Authority, Watchmen, Superman, V for Vendetta...all sorts of stuff. And with Terry Gant (of Third Coast Comics) there, who is a comic book encyclopedia, there's sure to be plenty of material.

So mark it down: Sunday, from 1030am until 1145am, at Roosevelt University. For information, tickets, directions, etc., visit the Think Galacticon site here (there's plenty of other cool stuff going on all weekend long). Hope to see some of you there.