Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Quarantine Artist Announcement

When Nic Wilkinson from Insomnia sent this sketch to me, it all clicked. Monty Borror was the Quarantine artist. Monty got it; he was the exact style I'd been seeking. Since then, Monty has signed, and the book is a go--very, very exciting times ahead.

Monty has done some very cool work prior to Quarantine. In fact, he recently won a Bronze medal at the 2009 Independent Publisher Book Awards for his work work in Cold Blooded Chillers, a horror anthology. We've had some brief discussions regarding the book, and Monty already has contributed some unique, original ideas. I'm confident his art is going to make Quarantine great.

Whew...June has been a busy month. And there's more to come in July, including a preview page of 'Wolf Like Me' and perhaps some Quarantine sketches.


John K said...

Very exciting! Are you working on the screenplay yet? ;-)

Michael Moreci said...

Hopefully soon!