Wednesday, May 20, 2009

'Wolf Like Me' Sketches

This strip won’t be out for some time (it will appear in Accent UK’s Victoriana anthology), but Alex Willmore has already drawn up some sample sketches. He’s the artist for Wolf Like Me, and Lauren Sharp, his usual partner, will be doing the inks.

Alex and Lauren are also the artist team for Insomnia’s forthcoming book ‘Kronos City.’ Check out their website here.

As for the strip, it’s a short Victorian-style tale, different, in a way, from anything I’ve done. Although ‘Quarantine’ has some zombie elements, it is much more focused on the human drama. WLM is specifically focused on this Wolfman character, and goes into the human side from there. Because it is Victorian-themed, the story has undercurrents of lurking evil, some social commentary, etc.

So enjoy these rough sketches from Alex (he says they’re rough—I like what he’s done) and, for those curious, I did swipe this strip’s title from the TV on the Radio song of the same name.


John K said...

Hey Michael, congratulations on getting your novel picked up and on all your great work! Keep me posted on what's happening down the road.

Michael Moreci said...

Absolutely..thanks John!