Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Keith Burns, Insomnia at Bristol

Keith Burns: proud (new) father, fantastic artist, and all-around good guy. Keith has just agreed to partner with me on 'The Police Channel', my latest script which will be published in next year's Layer Zero anthology from Insomnia. I wrote about the story previously here, for those who might be interested. I'm very excited about this news, and can't wait to see how Keith builds this world.

In other news, Insomnia, home of my forthcoming book Quarantine, was the star at this past weekend's Bristol Comic Con. There was a lot of interest from both fans and creators; Nic Wilkinson, Insomnia's Creative Director, describes the weekend in much better than me in her Red Eye blog posting. Big things are going on with Insomnia. I'm yet to pick up their newest release, Cancertown, but have designs on doing so very soon. While this is all very good news, it isn't all that surprising; one of the things that attracted me to Insomnia is their publication model. They do things the right way, allowing creator freedom while creating an open, artistic atmosphere. It's no wonder so many people are expressing such enthusiastic interest.

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